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About Us

The Ocean is Our Way of Life

In 2015 we decided to test out our coastal waters and found that although our coastline is mainly a sandy bottom, where there are wrecks an abundance of exciting marine life exists.  ScubaLagos was born, our PADI instructors started training recreational divers right here in Nigeria.  In 2016 ScubaLagos became the first PADI Dive Resort in West Africa.  Our team offers PADI diving certifications up to the Dive Master Category.


Every single Dive shows an endless possibilities, ScubaLagos has and will always be at the forefront of showing Lagosians and Nigerians that our waters are beautiful and must be sustained for future generations.​

Our dive sites require that your certification must be Advanced Open Water or higher, as the dives are held in the Gulf of Guinea with varied conditions.  Once you learn how to dive with ScubaLagos...... a whole new world opens up to you.

ScubaLagos falls under the umbrella of activities of Lagos Jet Ski Riders - The Club

Meet Our Instructor
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Antranik (Tony) Haddad

PADi Instructor

Our certified PADi Instructor, Tony Haddad, has been with us since inception.  

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