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  • What kinds of PADI Diving Certifications does ScubaLagos do?
    Our instructor can certify all the way from Open Water Diver to Dive Master. See the chart to have all the options:
  • Does ScubaLagos certifications allow me to do commercial diving?
    All certifications are for recreational diving ONLY!
  • Can you scuba dive in Lagos, Nigeria?
    Absolutely! Our waters offer some of the most adventurous dives you can image, however, in order to dive here you must be a certified diver with a qualification of Advanced Open Water or above. ScubaLagos offers PADI Certifications all the way up to Dive Master.
  • Is it safe to dive in Nigerian waters?
    Yes it is! That is why you must get certified before you can go diving, the certification process ensures that you understand the safety procedures and develop the safe habits once you go down into the amazing underwater world.
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